Awesome Day 3 and still counting…

Today is day 3 of this awesome year so far. Work was exceptional. I got to catch up with an old friend even though we missed each other over the holidays. Lastly, I did something today that will forever change me and my health in such a good way. I’m not ready to tell you that part yet but I will one day.

Years ago I came across “The Secret” By Rhonda Byrne. I don’t even remember how this came into my world but it seemed to be at the exact moment that I needed it. I’m sure most of you know what this is by now. It’s a basic theory that whatever you want you can attract by the power of your mind, thoughts and actions. Seems stupidly simplistic right? Well, if it was then I’d have had a better year last year.

Truth is, when it first fell into my life and I practice what they preached it worked. If I wanted a guy I’d get him, if I wanted money I’d get it or if I just wanted small things I’d get those things as well. My good friend, who I lovingly call asshat, also did it and he got everything he wanted at that time as well.

It was around this time that someone in my life’s health started failing and I got distracted but I’ve recently started to focus on this again. Some of you might say that if things are that easy to get then why don’t I ask to win the lottery or have THE friend fall in love with me or something monumental. Well, I believe in things being returned 10 fold.

If I was to ask to win the lottery but it was supposed to go to someone else instead then I’d have done something bad. If I want money then it’s more about things like starting a business or getting a raise. Things that directly affect only me. Same with love. If I asked that someone who doesn’t or hasn’t already fallen in love with me do it then maybe I’d miss out on who I’m supposed to be with. So I don’t ask for things that might change other people’s outcomes.

If you listen to the movie, audiobook or read the actual book then you’ll understand just how powerful your thoughts are. For instance, have you ever woken up and immediately tripped after getting out of bed? A typical first thought would be, “Oh, it’s going to be that kind of day.” Then you get to work, spill coffee, have someone ding your car or realize that you’ve just missed the due date on a bill. Well, what if you just brushed off the initial trip and still said to yourself that you were about to have a fantastic day and that nothing is going to change that…

Want to punch me yet? Trust me I don’t blame you. It just doesn’t sound right except it works. And I haven’t even mastered 10% of the power of this yet. In my world, I needed a bit of extra cash so I started manifesting these thoughts and low and behold I came in to some extra cash and by extra I mean a lot. So I used some of that for the purpose that I needed it for but after that I made an investment in my health which is the best investment I could possibly make.

Recently though, I read that there’s three things you should keep to yourself if working “The Secret”. These items are: “Your love life, your income and your next move”. I’m not entirely sure that those came about from the secret but people seem to live by those items.

I shared those items with my brother over the holidays when we were having a “moment”. He and I actually had several moments over the last few months which is strange for us but appreciated since I miss real, true and meaningful moments. They were few and far between. Which led me to another one of my New Years resolutions (for lack of a better term). I want to be more honest with the people around me, the people I love. I want to give more compliments and do more things for those around me. As much as I’m going to make this year more about me than ever before it doesn’t mean that I can’t pass on kindness to those in my life that deserve it.

I’m tired of having silent moments or moments of just wasting time. Those things are changing for the better and I couldn’t be happier. Being able to catch up with my long time brother (from another… you know), tonight, and having him share some private life moments and private thoughts just made me realize that even though he and I don’t get to see each other much when we do get a chance to talk or catch up, it makes those moments so much more appreciated. He’s awesome and I love him. We never have a wasted moment between us. So, finishing up, I might be less inclined to speak of my love life, my finances and my ‘next move’ but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say.

Last year I spent most nights taking sleeping pills so that I would get to bed and just pass out because I didn’t want to face my own life. I take them now because I have too many ideas and great thoughts going through my mind to fall asleep. What a difference a day makes right?


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