Taking the path of most resistance…

It seems as though America has taken the path of most resistance. I am in shock and woke up sick to my stomach. I think the worst part for me is that we’ve just taught all the little boys in the country that if you are a vile, disgusting and misogynistic asshole you can do anything in this world, even rule it.

I did my research and as much as there were things that I didn’t like about both candidates there’s were far less with Hillary. At least she was progressive, something that most republicans can’t say. I’m sickened by the way that republicans are acting today as if they were jolted even higher on their pedestal. And I quickly realized, on my facebook feed, who those that voted for him were. These were mostly men, aged 40 and above who either are or aim to be in the top 1 percenters. Some that I have regretfully dated and some that have just salted my world over a lifetime.

This was a hard election for me though because it brings up situations that have come up in my past. It became the political erection of 2016 that even surpassed the Cosby scandal. Yes this was a historic election but not for the right reasons. We didn’t do anything new. This country voted for the old white guy that bullied his way into the highest position that he could.

Before you ask, “Did you vote” yes I did. I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if I complained about the outcome and didn’t. People can look at me and say, “What do you care? You’re a white woman”. Well first, I am an immigrant. I was not born here but have been raised as an American. I thought this country was more progressive. I guess I was wrong. Second, I’m a woman which apparently doesn’t get you far unless you want things grab with no repercussions.

So what to do now? Well, we can either continue complaining about what has happened which in my opinion is the big industries won themselves and their buddy’s a grand campaign or we can take a day to heal then make the most of it. I hope this does work out for the best of the entire country because all I do know right now is that every other country has just watch us elect a complete an total bully with no soul as president.

I literally did wake up with the worst feeling of doom this morning in the pit of my stomach which is why I went right back to sleep and spent most of the day there. I also realized that the new guy was one of the American’s that elected his. That’s strike two. I guess it’s good he’s still in California and staying there for another week. The problem isn’t that he’s a republican it’s that he voted for THAT guy.

I could have used a warm body to lie right next to today and it wasn’t the new guy.

Father’s and men in general my plea to you is this tonight: Please teach your son’s that it’s NOT ok to treat women like property. It is NOT ok to grab, poke or prod any woman without consent. It’s not ok to cheat, lie or act as though you are better than anyone. It is possible to be the nice guy and finish first. I promise.

Lets see just how great America can get now. Oh and by the way 1 percenters…. No complaining allowed if things don’t go the way you planned.


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