June Challenge Day 7

1. Exercise – yes. While working late I had this strange desire to jump up from my chair and run around my boss a few laps but I did not. I did wait till I got home to finish my walk. Still not at a normal pace, a bit slow but that’s ok.

2. Water – yes.

3. Love Yourself Challenge – Write about what makes you truly happy: Happiness… Actually a topic of conversation tonight with my BFF. Some days I feel like nothing will make me happy. Other days everything does. I guess that’s being a woman. But I’ll list a few that come to mind right now:
Having no pants on, at home, makes me happy. I hate pants.

Listening to one of those songs that you’ve not heard in a while. When the song comes on your smile to yourself and maybe close your eyes for a moment or two.

Apparently pancakes make me happy with freshly squeezed orange juice.

Getting someone else to laugh or be happy.

Watching any John Hughes film.

Rereading some of the things I’ve put in the “jarchallenge” makes me happy.

Kissing, especially in the rain, makes me happy.

My BFF makes me happy.

THE friend makes me happy.

Getting a sexy pair of shoes that don’t make my feet hurt makes me happy.

Listening to a child laughing makes me happy.

Thunderstorms, cold nights and warm days both make me happy.

Listening to vinyl or any music.

Going to concerts.

The act of falling in love and still being there makes me happy on a good day.

My Sunday’s make me happy, when THE friend is here or any day that he’s here.

Now that I’ve started I guess I could go on for a while but I won’t.

4. 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge – What memory are you grateful for? There’s actually a lot. I’m grateful for all the times with my BFF, my niece, THE friend. Even on the days that seem to suck, I’m still grateful for all of them. Every memory that I have holds something whether it’s a great memory or something that I need to learn from. I’m grateful for them all.

5. 30 Day Challenge- What do you wear to bed? If I’m alone then usually just a t-shirt but if THE friend, or someone else is here then shorts, pj’s and a t-shirt. Sometimes I’ve woken up the next morning without a sock on but one still on. That’s always interesting. I’ve also woken up without pants on. No, not on a drunken night but I think it’s just a subconscious thing.

Us humans do weird things sometimes. I’m ok with my weirdness. Being quirky is literally a trait of an Aquarius so I’ll just have to find a man that can tolerate it.

What makes you happy? What memories do you cherish?


One response to “June Challenge Day 7

  1. Good day, great reading material as always. 5 made me smile. once again you hit a home run with your commentary.

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