Making myself better challenge… Day 29 (Monday)

1. Good thing about today – Hanging with THE friend. Everything about it and him. Still the same as yesterday 🙂

2. Spending – Nothing.

3. Exercise – Not even a little bit.

4.  Eating health – Not really.

5.  Routine – Only half my routine.


This has been a strange long weekend. And because I’m not too good at writing every day there’s probably things I’ll forget or write about later. The truth is plans on Friday and Saturday changed so many times it was crazy. By the time that Sunday came around I was going a bit stir-crazy.

I’d woken up Sunday, painted my face and drove to start my errands. After a few hours being out I went down a street close to my home and it was closed off. There were police cars, helicopters and chaos everywhere. I’d texted my boss because we share a zip code and he’d said that there was shooting. Come to find out later it was a bit more scary than just a shooting.

If you watch the news or have internet access these days you’ll probably have read about it. And while many people are going to blame Texas’s open carry law, I don’t. While I don’t think it’s a good idea, I actually blame this country’s lack of assistance with Veterans. This was a Veteran with PTSD. His actions are NOT excusable but it is a testament to the lack of support that our soldiers receive.

This was a huge topic of texting conversation Sunday  and Monday. While first receiving the obligatory, “Hey you ok? I heard about your neighborhood” texts from people then they would share their two cents worth as to who, what, why, where, how… That’s the part that usually drives people crazy after a tragedy though. It’s the why? Hopefully, with the why will come some sort of semblance of a solution to these far too many situations.

After that happened I’d felt a bit anxious and not because I was truly scared but because I’ve drive that exact path every day. I’d driven that path moments after. Bystanders were shot or killed and that could have been anyone. That could have been me. But in my normal fashion I just pushed my feelings away and focused on the task at hand. By the time THE friend had finally shown up I was ignoring my emotions by chatting on the phone but felt such a sense of relief the moment he walked in the door. He’s a bit like my Xanax. Just don’t tell him that I said that.

So, after a really nice dinner that he prepared in his meticulous way we sat and watched our shows. But, just before Game of Thrones he did something that shocked the crap out of me. He gave me a gift. A perfect, amazing gift. He’d spent time, put thought into it and it was… perfect. That moment might have been one of the top 10 best moments for me.

After that we just had a nice evening, and a very relaxing nice Monday. It’s nice to spend the day with him just joking and smiling stupidly at each other for no reason. On our good days, I realize that we get each other. We are comfortable with each other. We understand and get passed each others flaws. We still have some issues that need to work out on their own at some point but we are the perfect couple. Except we’re not a couple. Oh and we’re not intimate… which drives me crazy a bit but apparently I’m used to that at this point. Which I wish I wasn’t used to it. At least I can go let out some of my sexual tension during lunch at the gym.

I have a lot more to write, however, work is actually calling my name right now. Hopefully I’ll write about my day today and prepare for my June challenge. Hope you all had a great weekend.


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