For The Love of Music, and the disdain for liars.

I just got confirmation of my tickets for our big summer music festival in town. I’m actually pretty excited about this year. Violent Femmes, The National, Modest Mouse, X Ambassadors… How can I not be excited for this show? The problem with this is this, a few weeks before the show all your “friends” come out of hiding or start being extra nice to you in hopes that they can be your plus one. I thought about who I’d bring. I thought to myself, “Who’s the only person that’s never lied to me, deceived me, never broken any promise to me, never used me…” and I came up with my BFF. That would be the reason she’s my BFF.

That raises a slight problem because she has multiple sclerosis and can’t be in the heat and lucky for us this festival happens in the heat of summer in Texas. We’ll have to figure out something even if it’s getting a hotel room by the fest and just relaxing in between our favorite sets. I don’t mind the heat so much. I’m always cold so it’s nice for me. Plus, I’m probably pretty low on the vitamin D so there’s that.

I love festival season. I love to be outside with the music and the people. Being one with nature and sound seems like a pretty good place right now. In fact, I think that’s where I’m going now. Seems like a good plan. My mood is still the same but I’m trying to ignore all the disappointments in life considering that’s something that’s never going to change.

What else is never going to change? Other people and their flaws and their lies and their dishonesty. For what? What’s the reason that so many people have to lie about things? I don’t understand this. If there was absolutely no way that I could find out about someone’s lies then go ahead. Lie to me but if there’s even a remote possibility that friends who have big mouths or like to send messages on social networks could get to me then why do it?

It’s all so juvenile and it makes them a crappy human. That’s the bottom line and I hate that bottom line. If there was some sort of proof in the opposite direction I wouldn’t be so easily convinced that they were someone that can’t be trusted then I’d probably not believe the truth or whatever someone’s perception of the truth is.

I’m still done helping the people that lie to me. I’m still ok with praying for them though. I think that going to church on Easter helped renew some sort of relationships that I have with God and that helps ground me for now. I have to believe that there is a plan for each of us and just because it’s not the plan that you’ve wished for or dreamed about doesn’t mean it’s not the best plan. Everything happens for a reason right?

But about the people above, some are here for a reason and some are here for a season… That’s what people say right? The only thing that I wonder is the people that tell other peoples secrets, are they doing it because they care or because they’re jealous or for some other reason? I wish I knew what their reason is. That’s all.

Hope you’re enjoying your day.


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