The Marrying Kind… Or Not?

I’m exercised, bathed and pantless and I am happy. Today was a quiet day. I had a lot to do and still do but it was still quiet. I slept well and had a nice weekend. Sunday I had brunch with my friend who just had the baby. It was the first baby’s outing. The table was my friend, her cousin, baby and me. It was like brunch and a show because we all just couldn’t stop watching him. You could feel the tug of our own uteruses each time he smiled.

There’s also something about the warm and comforting looks you get while holding a child. It reminds me of when my niece was still a baby. She was sensing her parents arguing, it was one of their biggest. At this point, I’d taken it upon myself to take her outside amongst the trees, the wind and all the passers-by which assumed she was mine. We did kind of look a like, being family and all. I had at least two dozen people, even men, come up and just say, “What a beautiful child you have!” and at first, explaining she was my niece but after the first few just giving up the explanation and offering a thank you.

But moving on, it was a nice start to the morning; however, after losing the hour of sleep or partying the night before I had gotten to the exhausted portion of the afternoon quickly. I was having a long talk with my old boss, while laying on the couch and at some point during the conversation, I completely fell asleep for about an hour. Hopefully she didn’t take offense to this. But then woke up to THE friend knocking on then opening the door. I thought I was dreaming at first but realized quickly that not only was I not dreaming but I was wearing shorts… These British pales legs haven’t seen sunlight in about six months so I quickly went to change. Not that he could actually care less what I look like though, it was more for me.

We’d had a nice or pleasant night. I do fear us falling into this rut though but it got me thinking. Now that my arm candy is having a baby, two close girl friends are getting married and one of my closest guy friends just got married, I’ve lost all my “go to’s” for outings. The thing is, with my job, I get invited out to different things probably a few times a week. This is not a bragging statement, trust me. Most of the guys are creeps which is why I usually took other guys with me and we’d just act like we were together but some of these things are really nice. The charity gala’s, art openings and a few concerts are actually worth it and great experiences. However, they should have made it in my jar challenge but they didn’t because I was faking it. I’m not great at faking it which is where the wine comes in. The wine, makes it easier to fake things or to put me to sleep. The liquor makes me excitable. That’s why on my fake dates I stay away from liquor. 🙂

So, a few of these events came up today. My ex and I were talking about them and for some reason we’d gotten on to the “marriage” subject and he’d asked if I would have ever married him. Just so we’re all clear, he’s a happily married man so this wasn’t flirtation but more inquisitive. I’d recalled that as far as we’d gotten in our relationship, we’d talked about not getting married but buying a small house and adopting a lot of dogs. We’d both felt like marriage was a path that neither of us wanted to go down… Oh how things change. I’m telling you, this is the curse of “You always want what you can’t have.” When I could have been I didn’t want it and now there’s no one that’s interested that I would consider.

I guess the reason I bring this up is because THE friend is the closest I’ve had to a male roommate and could be the best possible “fake date” to take to all these shindigs except I’m not really interested in going with someone who would probably try to get every single girls number there. That would be missing the point but me pointing that out would make him think that I’m doing it for other reasons and then we’d fall into this cycle.

We’d gotten over or past the whole “forgetting an evening together” thing that I was so pissed about. He’d explained and I listened. Still made me mad but not everything has to be a huge fight. That’s one thing we’re kind of getting good at, and that’s communicating. He’s been sharing a lot more of his childhood than he has in the past and I find it beautiful. I love seeing his little face with the cheeks when he was a kid. So add that to the checkbox list. Ugh, it’s getting ridiculous. Check, Check, Check, Check. God and I need to have a serious talk because he is just being cruel to me now. Still considering the lobotomy thing… Really.

But moving on, the ex and I kind of went into a long conversation about the whole marriage thing. It was a bit weird and unexpected. I guess it is wedding season. That’s probably why I’m trying to get in shape quickly because I’ll have to go to another shitload of them this year. I have donated so many dresses that I’ve had to wear. The only thing I like about it is the dressing up part. I used to do makeup for brides and that was always fun plus the money wasn’t half bad either. Alright, now I’m just rambling. I’m going to curl up on the couch pantless and watch some TV or do something else that’s completely unproductive. I hate that I’m so predictable lately. I hate predictable.

Hope you’re having a great week. It’s funny to me that sometimes, I don’t even get to the best parts of my day or week. I just start going off on a tangent. Oh well. That’s predictable too.



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