Reading the Wrong Signs…

Almost everyday I drive past this orthodontist sign that has a guitar on it. It doesn’t make sense to me unless the dentist is somehow playing a guitar at the same time he’s drilling someone’s tooth and if that’s the case then he is one that I do not wish to go see. That’s my interpretation of that sign. I think I’ve proven to be pretty bad at interpreting anything, especially these days.

After work I went to go see a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while. She’s my Shaman friend that I’ve talked about before. She could immediately sense that I was “not right”… I’m not sure I’ve ever been right though but after a few minutes of talking about the stress of my job and my health she gave me a large amethyst rock. It’s supposed to have all these healing properties. It’s supposed to bring happiness and prosperity to those who are around it and bring peace and clarity when dealing with problems. This is astounding to me since she doesn’t even know the half of my problems but for now it’s just supposed to be around me and my loved ones. It’s pretty big though so since I’m not heaving it around anywhere they can all come here if they want some good luck, positive energy or healing. It was a nice thought though.

She also reads people, cards and signs. She’s predicted my future on many occasion and she doesn’t even know that much about me. She’s told me about my past and other things. She’s been right so far but we shall see. Mostly, I just like being around her because she has a very calming nature. From the moment I step into her house it’s as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders which today was needed.

My day started with a fight with my boss but I suppose most of my week days start like that recently. Work is stressful and it’s making me sick and he doesn’t understand that. Not to mention that he’s also an irrational child who doesn’t think about anyone but himself. His family, when he was growing up, had a phrase for him, “Stop the world he needs to get off!” That is him in a nutshell.

I’m not really sure why I’ve chosen a career world filled with selfish assholes salted all around. For once, just once I’d like someone to take care of me. I’d like for someone to look out for my needs and to just effing look out for me. That’s pretty selfish to say since I’ve had the opportunities in the past to let them but never wanted to and now I want to and it’s not there. Karma anyone? I believe this is the exact definition of it. There are actual times in my life when the voice in my head screams out, “Ask for help you a-hole!!!!!” But then I think better not too. No one needs that much of my crap.

Blah, this is residual from my day being vomited on this page. I’ll apologize for that. My day was frustrating and my night was decent so there’s that. I finished my run and got some of that out and then walked some more and got even more out, anger that is but I thought about the question, “How are you?” Such a simple question that probably gets asked millions of times a day. Out of those millions how many times does it actually, truthfully get answered? People respond with “fine” so quickly and use some sort of mask to shield their true emotions. Course, then you have those bat-crap crazy people who use the question to jump onto their soapbox filled with their hypochondriac-isms because they made the mistake of googling “what’s that thing on my knee” and now they fully believe they’re going to sprout three heads and each one filled with a different type of cancer. So yeah, we put on masks to not sound crazy. Does it even work anymore though?

I’m actually in a decent mood. Don’t let this strange post let you believe otherwise. I’m off to bed soon, I think. Better day tomorrow.

Hope you’re having a great week! How are you?




One response to “Reading the Wrong Signs…

  1. This post, and especially the pictures at the end, remind me of those Beatles’ lyrics from Eleanor Rigby: “…wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door.”

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