Both The Downside and the Upside of Being Healthier…

I’ve talked about my “paleo journey” before and how I always feel better while eating clean but there’s a few downsides to getting healthier as well. I’ll put up with them but I just want you to know that it’s not all sunshine and Rocky type glory over here.

First, I’m reading The Wild Diet By: Abel James He’s great and I’ve been following him for years but I also downloaded the audiobook because I knew I’d have better luck listen to it in the car. He talks A LOT about getting a healthier sex drive. Um, pretty sure that’s impossible for me. If my sex drive was any healthier I’d probably start humping random men in line at the grocery store buying my pasteurized, farm fresh, organic whatever.

Next, it’s actually a bit more expensive for me. That’s not much of a problem but so many of my friends assume that the only quality time we can spend together is going out to dinner. So, I give in and then I’m left trying to eat 7 pounds of kale and 8 pounds of wild catch salmon in one sitting which defeats the purpose. This means that I have to retrain social time. So, eating out less SHOULD compensate the difference or even save me money.

However, just to be on the safe side, I canceled my kickboxing class which was almost $500.00 a month. That’s a lot right now. I still have my gym membership and when I feel strong enough to go lift like a boss or have someone that can train me then I’ll back to that instead. But I do love my kickboxing and in the interim I have my Wii… Don’t judge me. The Wii is awesome. You can run, do yoga, dance AND kickbox. It is like a little trainer inside a little box.

How crazy do you all think I am now? Well, I know what’s worked for me in the past and I just need the motivation to keep this going forever now instead of the excuse that “Life got in the way”. Guess what? Life is the way. Yeah, seems like a simplistic thing to remember but I seem to forget that a lot.

But I went grocery shopping tonight. Worked out with my Wii. I took a nice relaxing shower and now the rest of the evening is mine, until someone breaks the silence and by someone I mean any one of my friends and because I’m scared of being un-zen’ed I’ve turned off my phone for the night.

The problem with getting healthier is that your friends are usually NOT on the same schedule as me which means they’ll be chugging soda, eating cake and loafing when I’m trying not to do any of those things. You can try to explain your situation but some just don’t get it. That’s why it’s nice to have at least one person in your life that’s kind of on the same path as you. You can eat the same foods, talk about the latest zen thing you’re into and maybe get healthy together.

So this was my early boring post tonight so that I can eat some hummus, strawberries with coconut whip cream and go to bed early… I never say that. Well, I might have said that but it usually NEVER happens. I usually always see the backside of midnight at the earliest. I also have a few things to put in my #jarchallenge. I have no idea why I hashtag that. I promise I’m not an asshole.

Hope you are all having a great week and I promise to not turn into one of those crazy paleo health nut bloggers, not that there’s anything wrong with that but this is more about my dating or lack of a dating life than anything.