Birthday summation…

While you might expect my birthday summation to be a lot of sad depressing, “Oh my God I’m a year older” crap it’s not. I have had a blast… For about a month 🙂 That’s the benefit of having friends and family all over. The celebration is broken up into parts and was finalized today.

First, I had my BFF birthday weekend a couple weeks ago and was able to fill up my LOL moment jar a lot and then a few friends scattered here and there and then Friday night was a big of a big blow out but I wasn’t really drinking much. It was a friends club after dinner and I was only able to tolerate this for a short while. Saturday, a few friends, drinks and I did enjoy myself a lot more. Dinner, drinks, shots and here comes the hangover portion on my actual birthday, which was Sunday.

I had planned on sleeping my hangover off, since I don’t usually drink, through out the day while being a lazy bum but instead opted for a quiet day of movies with my friend who, made lunch even though he’d forgotten it was my birthday. I was actually ok with that fact because I was kind of over people asking me how it felt to be old or so what’s your big plan for this year?

You all know what my big plans are… I want a family, a child and I want to start my own family tradition. Course that’s kind of hard when there’s not really any prospects out there. Maybe I should go on a gameshow. Think about this, there’s a hundred guys to start. I weed out the ones that I wouldn’t sleep with. Next, I ask them all, “So what’s your favorite music?” If anyone answers Vanilla Ice, Backstreet Boys or Cher, then they’re out. Then I ask if they want kids, anyone who says no they’re gone. Next, “How good are you at compromise?” Next, “Will you force me to take care of myself?” Next, “Would you share you last french fry with me?” Then, “Are you passionate? In bed and out?” There’s about half the men left now.

Moving on to the second round… “Do you have to shave your chest or back?” Now there’s only 20 men left. “Do you like kids and dogs?” There’s 19 men left because, let’s face it, who’s going to say no to either of those? “Do you like to act like a kid but not childish?” “Will you appreciate me?” “Will you go to bed angry?” “Will you say sweet things to me even if I roll my eyes in disbelief?” “Will you rub my shoulders?” Will you draw me a bath?” “Will you know my ‘looks’?” “Will you learn what I like and don’t know?” “Will you prove to me that you know me better than I think you do?” “Will you want to meet my family?” “Will you be honest with me?” “Will you help me even when I tell you not to?” “Will you be there for me even when I don’t ask?” “Will you tell me your secrets?” “Will you love me unconditionally, even on the days I don’t wear makeup, my hair is in a bun on top of my head and all I want to do is sip whip cream from the canister and lie under the covers watching crappy movies all day?” Then there’s only one man standing there. He’s the one. Then I’d be done because he was standing there ready to start a new beginning or because he’s want his own reality show after we don’t work out a month later.

Too bad life isn’t like a gameshow, or is it? I know I’ve asked his many a time before but, “Where the hell is he?” Some days, I wished he was standing right beside me. After those moments I have to realize that he’s not by his choice but it no longer makes me sad. It mostly makes me curious and realize that’s what I want. Some might ask why that package? And my answer is because, it’s perfectly imperfect and daringly safe and because he’s silently screaming.

Ok, so I might be slightly tipsy tonight as well. I did say, tonight was my last birthday celebration evening and I’m happy. Busy week on tap this week. I’ll write where I can. Hope you’re having a great week.