27 Days of Music – The V’s… and some rambling thoughts.

We’re almost at the end of this melodic alphabetic journey. I suppose that will give me an excuse to not write my thoughts out until they explode again. That’s never good. I’m feeling very strange tonight. It’s possible that it’s the full moon but since I’ve not been on speaking terms with the stars lately, I’m not sure that’s the problem.

I’ve been very antsy today and possibly lonely. I’m not sure. I can feel lonely with a room full of people so I don’t even know if that’s the issue today. It might be that I just washed down my sleeping pill with a soda, which I usually never drink.

A big, clean and cold sky that’s full of stars and a great big full moon. That’s supposed to bring on something, strange or great or different. I wish for different. I always wish for different. I’m so tired of doing the same things lately. I am really in a weird funk right now with not much of a reason for it either. I guess I keep waiting for the “other shoe to drop” as they say. Just not sure which aspect of my life it’s going to fall from.

“God, tonight I ask for something new and great to come into my life and for you to take this uneasy feeling away. I’d like to be happily surprised by something that could actually be life changing soon. The stars aren’t listening to me and I’m hoping you don’t have me on mute either. Amen”



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