27 Days of Music – The G’s…

As I said yesterday, some of these are situational songs. If you were to ask me to create a playlist next month, year or five years from now, they’d probably all be different. I’m also posting these are weird times because my schedule is all screwy lately. However, I’m finally done with the cleaning, well more so the getting rid of. I’ve got some trash and donations left but for the most part it’s just sectional organizing from now on.

After going out to dinner, working out and doing stuff around the house I took a long, hot shower. When I got out I realized that as I grow smaller, my hair keeps getting darker and longer. Going through photos the other day I saw just how much my hair changes. I’ve had every color you can think of but I have to say that my half pink hair was my favorite. I’d done it for breast cancer awareness month but decided to keep it long after. This was before it was cool to have multi colored hair. I did it because I liked it and not because it was trendy.

That’s part of my sign I guess. Aquarians like to march to their own drum. While I can be a chameleon when needed I can also do my own thing. That’s a gift more so than fitting in to some stereo-typed box. I dislike labels, boxes and traditional separation of sexes, nationalities or races. I can also appreciate each and every type of everyone, without discrimination. This diatribe was brought to you by the dinner conversation from tonight.

I think everyone should be proud of where they’re from, their background but also see their own flaws in it. I’m proud to be British; however, most of the stereo-types of the British are true and have been witnessed first hand. There’s still lots of things that I like about it as well.

Random thoughts galore tonight. My mind is a floating mess of unfinished words and thoughts. It feels as though it’s a messy vision board. It’s kind of a good thing but this is where I need to write out my thoughts to get them out on paper, to hopefully make sense of them all. Which, since it’s 3 am, I don’t see that happening right now. I’m about to finish some things and crawl into a cold bed for now.

Hope you’re all off to a great start to your weekend. Enjoy the music.




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