27 Days of Music – The E’s…

Some of these songs are just my all time favorites and some really mean something to me. The third reason that they may make my list is because of their brutal emotions. The End By: Blue October is one of those brutally honest emotional songs. You can just feel his anger and it’s times like that you have to be thankful for the outlet that is music. Plus, I LOVE violin in song and it’s got a great violin solo towards the end.

I’m not too sure how I’m feeling these days. My thoughts are mostly jumbled words in my head. This weather is confusing me. It would be appropriate to see me in shorts and Uggs right now and I’d never say that. My goals, so far, are on track and I’m still finishing my home. Hopefully, I’ll take a break from the outside world this weekend and finish what I started.

It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow and cold again on Saturday which means I feel somewhere in between a chili and movie night verses having a drink on a patio somewhere. It’s been ages since I’ve seen a movie in a theater and I don’t even know what I’d go see. I’d really like to have a sleepover but all the boys in my life right now are uninteresting to me. No one seems to appreciate the simplicity of silence. I really am ok with just sitting and not talking for a while. Apparently, I’m the only one right now who likes the idea of a warm silent body next to me. I’m sure I’ll make some sort of plan up at some point.

Hope you’re all having a great week.



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