Strange Dreams and Good Moods…

I woke up from the strangest dream this morning but it left me with a sense of calm. I was in a, shockingly, great mood this morning… and then I got to work. Work has always been stressful for me for many reason but mostly because of one employee. He must have had his mouth taped shut when he was a child because he makes up for it now and I am highly sensitive to noise so we don’t mix.

I never used to be sensitive to noise but I had an obnoxious upstairs couple living here a few years ago. They fought, broke things, beat on the wall and screamed at each other. This went on for such a long time. Police were called, management received numerous complaints from everyone and finally they were moved across the complex and then kicked out completely.

That was a bad time for me. I’d never had anxiety in my life but all of a sudden noises, loud bangs and screaming started putting me into a cold sweat. I’d feel like I wanted to crawl out of my skin and I starting taking someone else’s drugs (prescription) to calm me down while I was at home. I actually think I started dating someone at that time just so I wouldn’t have to be home as much. I never realized how bad it had gotten until they moved. I, suddenly, felt this rush of calm, serenity.

But anyway, parts of this had lingered. Now, when this employee, who can’t shut the eff up, starts talking I find myself turning up the music, going outside or screaming in my head. I can’t describe how annoying it is but there’s been talk of driving him out to a pasture and leaving him there, or pushing him off a cliff (by others). I’ve never been a fan of screaming anyway but after the neighbor experience and the coworker, I have found it a nice change to listen to quiet sometimes. It helps decompress.

When I got to work this morning, still in my good mood, I found that he would be out most of the day. While I thought my good mood wouldn’t last, I held on to it for a few moments longer and then it just stayed all day. I’m not sure if it was the dream or if some of my happiness is coming back but whatever the reason I’ll take it. I’m looking forward to another short week and a lazy day on Friday. No plans and I want to keep it that way. I’ll celebrate the midnight but after that I’ll be quite happy to stay in bed and watch movies all day but this time it’s not an escape. It’s just relaxation. I’ll have my New Year Good Luck soup on the stove and I’ll be content to just be. Craziness can start all over again on Saturday, if it must but until then I choose quiet. The New Year never really starts until the 2nd anyway 🙂

What’s your favorite sound? Sometimes mine is quiet, sometimes it’s music and sometimes it’s someone’s voice or laugh.

That’s my random thoughts or story for today. Hope you all had a great day.




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