Somewhere between unproductive and productive day…

Well, I didn’t actually stay at home ALL day but for the most part. I’ve been trying to make a to-do list of all the things I need to check or scratch off. There’s actually a lot but I’m glad. I really want to stay busy. I want to make a calm little space in my home so that I can meditate or color or just chill the eff out. That’s my first main goal.

My other goal is to come up with my goals for the new year. These are NOT resolutions. For some reason the word “resolution” starts to have negative connotations after not actually resolving anything in the past so I choose to have goals. I’ll work on some on New Years. It’ll be another low key year end with my friend who was here last year. She seems to think that because her dreams came true this year that she wants to repeat that. Unfortunately, mine did not. :-\  or maybe everything turned out the way it was supposed to… I’m not really sure yet. I’m all for new starts, new beginnings and bettering what was never actually resolved so maybe…

I will share three gifts that are my absolute favorite this year. I’ll admit that it’s kind of hard to impress me when it comes to gifts because I’m a much better giver than I am a receiver. But they did good this year.

First, was my Fitbit Surge. I’m a huge fan of the fitbit line and I think I’ve officially owned every version now but this one is the most awesome and it’s going to help me reach my goal and run a half marathon by the end of the year. That’s always been on my bucket list (I hate that phrase).

Second, a compass necklace. It sounds corny but I’ve lost my way this year. I thought I wasn’t actually going to make it back for a while but I did which makes this all that much more awesome. It also comes with a quote from Henry D Thoreau “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”. While my dreams are still leading me down a path of a road that’s had construction I still believe that there’s some validity to them.

Lastly, I received a framed print of my favorite artist. Leonid Afremov’s A Kiss in the Woods. It’s probably one of his lesser known paintings and not nearly as colorful as some of his others but there’s just something about it that I find beautiful. All his paintings are amazing and so vibrant and the ironic part is that I’m not someone who goes crazy with color. I’m a dark hue type of person. I like my blacks, greys and dark blues but his work has always stood out to me. I’d still like to own the actual painting and not just the print one day but I am happy with the print.

And there you have a three best gifts this year. This week will be a lot of cleaning, arranging and relaxation and A LOT of lists. I really like my lists. I’m going to go enjoy this cold air for a bit and then try to sleep.  Hope you had a great day. What are you goals?

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