Payback kindness…

You should never do any kindness and expect anything to be paid back to you. That’s not how this whole thing works. Today, though, I’m feeling like I’d like to take a bit of payback for some good that I’ve done in the past.

I woke up feeling sad, just sad. I can’t shake this mood. I can’t talk myself into feeling anything different. It’s a horrible feeling. I feel like I need to talk to someone but don’t know who. I feel like I should figure out a way to shake this but nothing is working.

I just wish someone could help without me having to ask because we all know just how much I stink at that. I’d say I don’t want to feel this way but that seems obvious. I’m not sure anyone WANTS to feel sad but I just don’t know where this is coming from. I was hoping to get it out here and that way it will leave a bit but I’m not sure that is going to do it.

I just need a nice surprise, a bit of a karmic payback blow through my life right now. I need a sense of hope or a bit of a sign that God hasn’t forgotten me right now. Blah, this sucks right now. I feel like hiking to the top of a hill and screaming but I’m afraid that nothing will come out.

I think I need a purpose… Hope your day is better than mine right now.


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