Summation of the Thanksgiving holiday…

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday is over and all in all it was nice. I got to see a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I had a few surprises and I got to spend lots of time with my niece. Not to brag here but she’s pretty darn smart for her age so it was more fun to hang with her than a lot of my own friends. The best part was leaving her with the most annoying gift ever. It was a Santa that danced, sang and took selfies. My sister-in-law has been cursing me since I left.

This is a bit of a strange year. So much was supposed to happen in the great category. I even rang in the new year with a “to do list” of things I wanted to accomplish this year but not much of that has occurred. A lot of unexpected, crappy stuff has happened, like getting hurt in a car accident and not being able to exercise. This is one of my least favorite things but my doctor gave me the “all clear” to start back up again. I can always make this last month of the year my best yet, especially for my own health.

That was part of the conversation that my old friend from the northeast and I were talking about at dinner. We’re at that age where this is where we need to take better care of ourselves more than ever, no matter what your plans are in the future. Now that the ex is completely gone and I’ve back to better then it’s time to get my head in the game (as they say).

I’ve said before that I’ve never had a problem working out, in fact, I really enjoy it. It’s a stress reliever and you feel a sense of accomplishment when you get a little rather than the day before but this time there’s no huge proclamation of a lifestyle change. There’s no sending out the newsletter to inform everyone, not that I’d do that anyway. There’s no huge plan in place. I’m just taking it little strides at a time. I’m going to try to be a bit better than the day before.

It’s the one thing that can come easy when you’re single. I’ve always kept in my routine when there’s someone else there too but now there’s no distractions, no one else’s needs to take care of first. I’ve said from the beginning of the year that this year would be my most selfish year because I’ve spent a lot of time on others, making sure they’re ok and they’re taken care of but now it’s my turn and I can’t count on anyone for this but me.

Another thing that my friend and I talked about tonight was how good my brother and his wife’s relationship is. It’s surprisingly very symbiotic. They are equal partners and they’re found a way to merge two lives instead of putting one life on hold for the other. Neither of them had the best roll models for marriage but somehow they seem to have figured this out. It’s a nice change from the constant blaming game that others have. I’m not a fan of excuses; in fact, I’d say that I hate excuses. This rings true especially when you become an adult and still blame your childhood for your short comings. I’m sure I’m guilty of this. I’m sure that I’ve just made myself into a hypocrite but hopefully, I can learn from my and others mistakes from years ago and use those as building blocks to make a better world around me.

There’s still a few things and people that I missed over this holiday but hopefully I’ll get the chance to see them before the year is out. As much as you can say, “I’ll start or do that next year. It’ll be a whole new year”. It’s better to actually go into the year clearing up old messes or making amends for things that should have been taken care of before. Who wants to START the new year with something hanging over your head? But I digress… It’s better that I just deal with the next holiday first as that’s going to come up fast.

I’ve got my Christmas list and I’ve checked it twice. Now, it’s just time to implement as much as I can before the day comes screaming up and smacking me in the face. My family has always had an open door policy for those that have no where else to go for the holidays so there’s already there’s about 20 or so people that will be there this year. It’s hectic and hard not to get swarmed in to the anxiety of the season but I will try my hardest to just coast through it. Be where I need to be and do what I need to do. My philosophy is a heck of a lot more chilled than years before. I will be zen this holiday season even if I have to ask for help to bury the bodies first. 🙂

I’m off to do a last minute walk and then bed. Hope you all had a nice holiday and weekend.




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