Letter to my future husband… (That I’ve not met yet)

There are things that I’ve realized over the last few weeks, there’s love, care and concern all over the place, if you choose to look for it. Just when you least expect it, when someone is at their worst, people gather and prove what it is to be great. Sometimes it’s sad that it has to be when someone hits rock bottom but still amazing to see nonetheless. As I’m watching and witnessing all this love around me I started to write this letter in my head. It’s to a man that I’ve not met yet.

Dear future Husband,

My first disclaimer is that regardless of my track record, if I love you and you ask, I will say yes this time. I ask that you be an honest, caring and compassionate person. You put others needs in front of your own. You need not be rich nor the most handsome man on the planet. You will need to be tolerant of my bitchiness in the morning, my need to watch porn and my need for morning sex. You need to drag me out of my head at times. You’ll need to tell me what you need from me as I’m not that observant. You must communicate with me, tell me your wants, needs and desires. Tell me what you like and don’t like & be supportive and challenge me. Be tolerant of my lack of communication skills and my aversion to reaching out but call me out on it if needed.

You must love dogs and kids. (Sorry, no cat men.) You must love music, not always the same kind as me but have a love of cinema, culture and like to try new things. You must like to surprise me, unannounced midnight visits, be educated, worldly and understand sarcasm. Fight with me. Argue with me. Show your passionate side. Prove to me there’s a reason things never worked out with anyone else. Must like TV marathons in the middle of a rainy day. Must likes sports, cooking and pampering.

No need to be perfect or even close. Show me your flaws. Show me your tears. Show me your truth. Just show me something real. Know things about me from watching me, not from me telling you. Be inquisitive and pull things out of me. Don’t let me shut down, retreat or push you away. You’ll need to be my strength sometimes and I’ll return the favor.

I’ll return all this to you in kindness, love and care. I’ll make you believe that everything will be ok because I’ll make everything ok. I’ll let you know how important you are and I’ll take care of you. Also, in return, I’ll let you pick your side of the bed, the temperature in the room and which game we watch. I’ll give up control when you need me to or take over when you’re weak. I promise to be the best woman I can be, with your help. I promise to help you be the best man, with my help.

If you have a dream, I will not rest until you achieve it. If you need a purpose I will not rest until you’ve found it. If you have a goal I will be by your side to accomplish it. As long as we have all of that nothing else matters. I don’t need a big house, expensive car or even a nice ring. I just need to know that you’ll be there when I need you, even when I don’t think I need you. I need someone to take over my ship for a while. I’ve been sailing far too long without help.


Your Future Wife.


I’m tired of doing all this alone. That’s the truth and probably the most honest thing I could say right now. I’ve never had to do it alone but it’s only recently that I’ve realized that it’s far better to go forth with support and be with someone who brings you up. I guess, when you’re ready, you’re ready. I have a plan and I’m happy now that September is over. This month has never been a great month for me. I’ve got a new outlook, a fresh start, a different train of thought. Good things really can come out of bad situations. If you challenge your view of it all. Better and new is what October has in store for me.

Hoping you all are having an awesome day. 🙂


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