It’s finally Friday…

I know you’re supposed to make every day great and not wait for a day, a time or a special occasion but I really like Fridays. I had a good sleep, nice dreams and wasn’t late to work. Yay me!

It really does seem to help after I write shit out on here. I really do feel a lot better. This is my best therapy ever and I don’t have to feel guilty or bad for saying anything I’d regret later because no one really knows. So after last nights early ramblings I worked out, actually ate something and had some good phone conversations, finally finishing the night off with crap TV.

I no longer have the desire to stay in bed all weekend either. I don’t actually know what I want to do but it won’t involve over-thinking or tears. That’s all I know right now. I have this strange need to drive around at lunch with no destination. I do like to do that and it gets me out of the office which is nice.

Hmmm, what sounds good this weekend? Something different! Something different always sounds good to me. I dislike routine but sometimes it’s the only way I get anything done. I don’t expect much from the weekend though and I have no expectations so as not to be disappointed. Maybe I’ll actually go out with some old friends that I’ve been promising to see forever now. But turning my phone off still sounds really nice.

I am really rambling now because my mood doesn’t suck which is a welcome change lately. I’m trying to live in the moment. Be happy in the moment. It’s a new thing I’m trying 🙂 it’s not really as if I like being in a sad and shitty mood all the time, trust me.

I’ve been listening to “The Mixtape” radio station on iTunes and am loving the music they’re playing. It’s like a really nice mix of John Hughes movies music and other 80’s awesomeness…

That’s my randomness before I leave for lunch. Hope you’re all having a great Friday 🙂 Here’s to a happy weekend?!



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