New day, better day…

I’m feeling a bit better today, not as “I’m going to kill someone and then cry massively”. I was talking with my BFF last night and she’d said that he husband is also on this same prescription drug. Although, I’m taking mine to help quit smoking, I think he’s taking his because she drives him crazy 🙂

Apparently, it’s called the “horny, happy, skinny drug”. I’ve never needing help with the first part, the second part I desperately need and the last part I’ll take as an added bonus. I hope I’m not on this pill forever.

But I did wake up in a much better mood, or at least not wanting to jump in front of a train and for some reason I noticed that my hair is getting insanely long and dark. Usually this means I’m either to sad to go get it done or I’ve been too busy. I can’t really blame anything on the busy part lately. Work has been pretty crazy though.

I still have this feeling that something is about to happen though. It’s not gone away. It’s not necessarily a bad things that’s going to happen, just change maybe? I don’t know. Maybe I just really want a change and that’s somehow making me feel like this. I literally feel like a crazy girl over half the time but crazy people don’t actually think they’re crazy do they?

I need new and exciting… I need something. I need to not be in this state of mind for much longer though. I’m still kind of all over the place. There really is a lot of shit I need to get done but haven’t have the energy nor the ambition to do any of it. I just barely went grocery shopping last night and I’m pretty sure I did that in a daze.

I feel like I’m missing something too. I don’t know what. Like when you feel like you left the stove on after you leave the house. I swear I’d commit myself just for the vacation if I could but I’m sure my boss would find someone to still have me do work from inside my padded cell. He’s doing a day trip to San Antonio so I’m a bit more relaxed right now. I might not be soon enough though. The day has only just started but I thought I’d better write now or you would only think I have one setting, which is depressed.

I really wish I had something more exciting to write about but I don’t. Hopefully I will soon or this is just going to seem like a therapy blog, which I’m sure is what I need more than anything right now.

Enjoy your day. I really can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon so I can go home and nap. That’s what I look forward too. 🙂 Blah, I need some fun right now!


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