Sundays thoughts…

Humans never cease to amaze me. Waiting for the closest parking spot, at the gym… The human capacity for contradiction and hypocritical thinking is astonishing sometimes. These were some of the things my friend and I talked about the other night. It was an hour and a half conversation and I’m not sure we discussed work at all, since he’s also a client. I like his honesty and for some reason, lately, he’s one person that I told a little secret too.

Back when my ex and I were dating, not that long ago, I’d had a moment of “Oh shit! I just might be pregnant.” I took the test and nope I wasn’t. As I’m telling my friend this story he interjects “You wouldn’t have cared come on… You don’t care about the guy but you wouldn’t have minded having a kid”. My reply to his honesty was this, “No, I wouldn’t have mind. In fact I was a bit sad when I wasn’t but realized that I really didn’t want to be tethered to this guy for 18 years. I never wanted him to be the father. Luckily, he won’t be. My friend and I discussed a lot of other things too. He likes to hear to gossip from down here. He’s a bit detached since he moved up north, (DC, Jersey, New York) wherever he is. I gave him some of the mutual “acquaintance” gossip but didn’t really divulge any our closer friends gossip because it’s not my place. I usually feel good after our discussions except he’s really trying to get me to come up and see him. I wish it was just that easy.

It might be just that easy if work wasn’t an insane mess lately. I do like to be busy but there’s this guy who started working there again. He gets on my nerves so much and I tell him he does. Although, he thinks I yell at him and call him names because it’s a form of affection and in some cases it is but not here. I literally told him the other day that he was the most annoying, dumbass I’ve ever know. He just laughed and said something about it being a sister type of affection. He’s really just pissing me off more.

After that particular day, I’d gone and had a few drinks with an old friend. It was fun and we were just bullshitting about nothing really but soon the conversation went on to sex and what we enjoyed and didn’t. Those conversations are fun. He’d asked what the one thing a man forgets about “in the middle of” my answer is usually the breasts… Men usually forget those are there sometimes but then we went into the discussion about so much other stuff. I might do another post about all that but I realized that there’s the other reason why I dislike the single life now, the sex is gone. It doesn’t have to be but I’m trying to be more of an adult where that’s concerned. Again, we’ll see how that works out.

I did start my day with the gym which was awesome but (if you wear a fitbit you’ll understand this) my battery died on my fitbit and even though I worked out for two hours I have no record of it… This is annoying to be but I’ll get over it. This week is already shaping up to be busy. I think the only downtime I have is Monday so far and at the rate I’m going with my sleep and dreams I’m not sure I’ll be well rested for all the hectic but bring it on anyway.

Hope you’re having a fun day.

lana-del-phone sex

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