Stupid excuses for life…

First, I’m sure I’ve just seen animals passing in a two-by-two fashion. The sky has opened up and it pouring down like a teenage girl after their first heartbreak. It’s calming though but as silly as it is, since I use the sound of thunder to fall asleep at night, it’s just making me sleepy right now. I’m liking this weather but wished that I could be home and in bed with it in the background as I drift back into some sleepy dream phase.

Yesterday, I’d heard the stupidest excuse. As I explained in my Q&A post, I hate excuses but this one takes the cake. “Why would I even try if I know I’ll fail?” I’m sure we’ve all used this at some point in our lives but this was about a guy and the girl he likes. They share a great deal together but when asked why he doesn’t just “go for it” his excuse was that above. So if there’s a possibility that you might fail then don’t try anything, just stay stagnant and be miserable right? What about this?… If there’s even the slightest possibility that things just might work out for the best or at least better than you have right now then why not try? Do you think that this idea would have best been suited for some of the greatest inventors?

I have my fears and again, I’m sure I’ve used that excuse before but as I grow older I realize that there’s no reason to have a fear and never face it. Most of my fears come from emotions. I fear to fall deeply and completely in love and to actually admit it but I’ve come close to this. I have a fear of failing at my career and fear that I just might not live up to the endorsements that have come to me on LinkedIn. I’m sure there’s many more things that I am fearful of but at the end of the day is it better to have tried which gives you a chance of either failure or success or is it better to just stay in your comfort zone, never change and therefore never have the chance to either fail or succeed? And, if your track record shows a greater risk of the fail, isn’t it about time you changed your luck?

My friend has never really had luck in the dating pool and decides to stay friends with most of the girls that want to date him. He just assumes the roll as “the friend” because that way they’ll always be in his life but where does that leave him? Probably an eighty year old single man with a lot of female friends that are happy and have families because he sat by and watched life happen all because he believes he’ll fail at everything.

I tried to explain to him that if he feels that “connection” with her and she feels it with him then just do it. Either it’ll work out and they’ll be happy or it won’t and they’ll still be friends. Or they can do nothing about it and have the tension rip them apart.

If I was half as good at fixing my own life as I am about giving great advice to others maybe my life wouldn’t seem like such an effing mess right now. I like helping others though and hopefully I can live through his happiness a bit until I find my own. Is that wrong?

Just my thoughts right now… Have a great day.



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