Love will conquer all and other silly things…

It’s a Monday for sure today. I’m feeling it and people are being way over-dramatic today. Either that or I’m just feeling very calm, not sure which. I’m over today already and it feels like it just began.

So, yet another, quote was sent to me this morning, which is funny on several counts. First, everyone “assumes” they know why I won’t talk about my “feelings” so they’re sending these silly quotes that they think will help but since I’m not really communicating with them as to what’s been going on they’re all pretty much off base.

Today’s first quote was, “Love will conquer all”. I’m really sure that this is not correct. Love doesn’t cancel out bad choices, bad behaviors, disrespect or just piss-poor judgement. What love CAN do it help to understand the situation from the other persons perspective but that does NOT mean that it’s ok. But understanding doesn’t really help much if the other person isn’t even aware nor apologetic for their mistakes. If they choose to see only what’s in front of them then there’s no amount of love that will change the outcome.

Love does also NOT conquer all when you turn down your fifth marriage proposal to a really good guy. I have been lucky to have some great men in my life but being able to distinguish that they were not meant for me to be with long term is a gift that maybe they’ll understand one day. Sure, I could say yet because I’m tired of waiting for the family and next part of my life to start but then realize in a few years that this wasn’t anything that I actually wanted. One day, he’ll understand, I hope.

I am officially single now and I’m sure that I’ve upset him enough that he won’t be seeking out my communication for a while. Between that, a friends lack of empathy or concern of his actions and a few other things, August has not been a great month. Is there a way to detox your life? To cleanse it? If I was Superman, this is where I’d run around the earth to rewind time. I think I’d have done a lot different. Now, I just need to work on the “No regrets” part of things.

If I say it enough “Everything happens for a reason” does it make it true? If you believe in positive affirmations or the power of attraction like The Secret, then I suppose I could repeat anything like a mantra and it be so.

My GBF is concerned because I’m not communicating with him and apparently I haven’t for a while. I do actually feel like there’s a point where saying the same thing that’s bother you over and over again becomes like beating a dead horse. (Wow, that’s a horrible phrase.) Also, I suppose I’m supposed to tell people when I’m going to be hiding out in my fortress of solitude for a while with no human interaction. Um, I thought a text message did that but apparently I am wrong, not to mention that we’d seen each other Saturday anyway. I finally caved because I’m exhausted at arguing and said “Oh BTW, I’m going into seclusion for another 6 1/2 days.” This number was arbitrary but I was trying to get a point across. Unfortunately, I didn’t because I’m not being very eloquent today.

Oh well, today is not a day for any thing major to happen or it shouldn’t be anyway. I’m not feeling up to par for much whether it be health or emotions. I’ll go sweat it out after work and hope that is sufficient for me.

So, in closing, if the saying was true that “Love will conquer all” I’m pretty sure there would be a lot more happy people in this world. It is a nice thought though,

Hope you’re having a great day and Good morning!


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