Quoting and Passive-Aggressiveness…

I’ve never been someone that shouts out some passive aggressiveness on social media so fifty people as me what’s wrong and then I just disappear. Yet another reason I got off it all. I saw way too many memes of hurt, upset or angry women that were obviously a “shout-out” to someone and they just let all their dirty laundry air out for everyone to see. There’s no need for this and never has been. It’s childish, stupid and doesn’t really solve anything.

Some people just need the attention, I guess. Doesn’t really matter much to me and that’s why this is an anonymous blog. Every once in a while, I’ll read a post to my BFF but no one knows the site. It’s my little online diary to get shit out of my head without there being any tangible proof of my thoughts lying around my home. This also has to do with me shutting out the world when I want. I do that a lot. I’ve always done that. I can go days in my home with my phone turned off and feel completely fine. Then there’s also days where I find myself such the social butterfly that I’ve got no time for myself what-so-ever. I wish there was a happy medium for me.

I do know that whoever my “soul-mate” is, wherever he is, he’ll be the one to pull me out of my self induced emotional coma at any given time. It might take a bit of work on his part but that’s when I’ll know it’s real and it’s true. I guess that gets added to the list of what I’m looking for in romance, which I don’t even want to think about right now.

In my compulsive search through pinterest, looking for recipes to try out this weekend, I came across a perfect quote for my days lately. If I was a passive aggressive girl I suppose I’d tweet-insta-face-snap it and then disappear but instead I’ll just post it hear.

“Don’t get burned twice by the same flame.” I’m way over quota on that burned flame though. I should have seen that a while ago.

Hope you’re having a great day and that you have a great weekend.


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