Artistic Mondays with a soundtrack…

My Monday didn’t suck which means it was actually good. I’m not really a fan of them but this one was good. I started a new project at work which will keep me busy for a while which is also good. After work I went from my therapists, to the art supply store, to dinner with friends and finalized my day with a hard work out. You know those workouts that make you feel like the best invention ever was ice cold water… Yeah, I had one of those. All in all a pretty good day.

My ex and I have been texting all day some stupid cute things. Blah, I don’t even usually like that shit but I had made an exception today. We were in competition to see who could make it home the quickest and start the “no pants movement”. He won. But I am finally home now, with less clothes on, a good sweat and some useless TV to keep me entertained even though I’m not even paying any attention to it.

The only downside to my day was that my ex that I work with and I got into a fight towards the end of the day. He was being an ass so I became a bitch. Tomorrow we’ll be back to normal so I’m not too worried about things. The weather keeps teasing me about raining soon. I can’t wait till it rains again, not that I enjoy humidity but I’ll take it if I can have the relaxing patter of the drops on the windows for just a little while. This heat needs to chill out for a bit. It’s hard to try to look your best when you’re going out to dinner, meeting with friends or spending time with the ex when your makeup is running down your face but I guess that’s part of living here which is why moving to California with my BFF is looking so much better every day. They’ll be in the 80’s most of the week for their high… That’s just mean.

So my attempt at the art supply store was made because of my desire to start painting again. I’m not sure when I’ll actually do that and I wasn’t ever great but it was enjoyable. Anything that can challenge me, take my mind off of the bad and transport me into some other world for just a moment is something that I need. Sometimes I feel like I need a new life and other times I just want to make this one better. Today, I just want to make this one better.

So two things that I can’t get enough of are art and music. My iTunes apparently felt like I needed to revisit some of my older favorite artists today while driving around and I’d forgotten how much I loved the spoken poetic artistry of this album. So tonight I leave you with a few of my favorite pieces of dark art and some of my favorite pieces of song. I hope you enjoy and had a great day. Good Night.

I warn you that it’s a big dark but at the time I first heard it I was also a bit dark.

Dead Inside Album By: The Golden Palominos






Mayonaise By: Smashing Pumpkins

Mayonaise By: Smashing Pumpkins






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