Charity and arm candy connections…

A few years back I met, through work, a man that was gorgeous, charming and well off. We’d gone out on one date and the evening ended when I realized that he was a horrible kisser, that he’d been “around the block” way to many times and he was a bit too perfect for my taste. However, he became the perfect date to take to these charity gala’s that I go to. He’s very charming, has a nice car and is some pretty nice arm candy but that is as far as any of this goes. One of the biggest turn offs to me and most women is when a guy is just out for one thing. You can usually tell by what they say, how nice they are or by their body movements. It’s not that difficult. After that first date, he’d asked the next night when we could see each other again and I told him it was just better that we were friends. This actually made him relax a bit. We’re not close but he’s my go to for swanky events.

The first event I invited him to was to raise awareness about neuroblastoma and he was the best date. He’d actually given me money to buy a nice dress, shoes and whatever else I wanted. I told him I didn’t need any of it and that he was my date but, as I found out quickly, he’s a control freak and likes to tell women what to dress like, how to do their hair and nails. It was weird being such an independent woman but it was one night, for a good cause and I didn’t mind not having to think about what to put on. The idea of having a thousand dresses and shoes spewed across my bed actually gives me anxiety so it was a win win situation.

The ladies loved him and the men could relate to his love of nice cars. I reminded him several times that it wasn’t a date and he was more than capable of getting any phone numbers he wanted, from any women there. He said he found that to be tacky whether it was an actual date or not. Like I said, he very charming. He’s got the type of charm I like to call “intent charm”. This is when a man says something to push through an agenda and only for that reason. It’s basically fake charm. I prefer the mouth be closed unless there’s an actual compliment that comes out of it that is meant but he gets a lot of women that way.

We’d hung out a few more times, randomly. He’d even taken me out for my birthday one year. That didn’t go as planned and just reassured me that he was not one that I could date, not to mention the fact that as much as he talked about settling down and having a family one day he was in absolutely no rush to do this and quite frankly, I don’t think he’d have been faithful or even really interest no matter who his wife was. You see, after you get past the bullshit and the line is drawn that there will be no future, sex or anything with someone their walls tend to come down and they start to be honest because they finally feel like they don’t have to impress you anymore. The trouble with this theory is that once men do that, they tends to become too comfortable and start to look at you as someone that they could spend the rest of their life with. It’s kind of a double edge sword for those types of guys.

The next big event I’d asked him to go to was the Porsche Macan Launch party, last year I think. He was most certainly into this and did the same thing he’d done before. He sent a dress and shoes. He showed up with flowers and was a complete gentleman. We actually had a really great time. One of the things that I’d always liked about him was that even though he knew we weren’t dating, he’d always treat our time together as a date. He’d bring the flowers, open the doors, pull out the chair. He wouldn’t look at other women, wasn’t interested in what was going on outside of where we were and was completely and always in the moment. It was a nice change. I liked his classy, gentleman aura and always appreciated his authenticity with me after we got past the bullshit. Also, one of the nicest memories I have is this. Right before he moved I went to see him at his condo. His expensive home lacked the cluttered effect that my home has. Clean, organized and everything out of sight but in his office he had this great wall of photos. He had photos with everyone from famous athletes to big wig corporate assholes. Within this wall of his memories was two photos that stood out. One, I remember taking. It was at the Porsche event and we looked great. The other was a picture he’d taken that I didn’t know about. My hair was down. I was smiling and I was looking at something. He’d taken it in black and white and it’s one of the few photos that I would say I look beautiful in. Not to mention that it was taken when I didn’t even know it. He captured something that I didn’t even know was out there to catch.

Now, he’s moved to Dallas for his job. (I still have no idea what he does.) I have an invite to another event in a few weeks and need a nice piece of arm candy to go along with the night. I’ve been thinking about calling him up to see where he’s at in life and see if he’d come down for that evening for no other reason that it’s nice to be treated like a lady and pampered once in a while by someone else. Is that selfish? It’s not as though I’ve not been honest with him and he knows that he’s not going to get lucky that night. We shall see. You never know what’s going to happen in a few weeks. This might be why I’ve been working out so freakin hard lately. I’d like to look good for our pictures too, especially if he decides to take one without my knowledge again.

I always say it’s the little things that make me smile. I’ve been in a great mood all week. This is feel good. I hope for it to only get better. Hope you are all having a great week as well. Good night.

This song has nothing to do with the guy above but I heard it today and realized that I forgot how much I love it.
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